We are planning to send a group of people to the Northern Suburbs in January 2018 to start a new church. Why? How did we arrive at this decision?

Here are some brief comments

We want to plant a church:

  • to be Obedient

Our mission as disciples of Christ is to “go and make disciples”. We want consider afresh new ways of obeying this command and joining in God’s plan to grow His kingdom.  Although it will require sacrifice,  this is the nature of Christian discipleship (Mark 8:34-35) and God assures His people that sacrificial obedience for the sake of His Kingdom will not be without reward, in this life and the next. (Mark 10:29-31)

Church planting is considered by many to be the best way to “find and grow” disciples of Jesus.  Please refer to this article by Tim Keller for deeper thoughts on why. (Click here)

  • because we have Opportunity

Christchurch PMB is currently a relatively stable, large group of people.   It has the capacity to sacrificially send people out to form a new local expression of God’s community.  A dangerous place to be for a church is in a place of comfort.   While we may talk about mission, a church plant places it at the forefront of everyone’s thinking and doing.  Thanks to some of our outreach attempts and personal evangelism we have a real opportunity to make the most of the doors God has been opening

  • in order to reap Reward

Planting is also often a period of spiritual growth and deepening dependence on God for both the sending church and the planting church.  Sacrificial service for the sake of God’s Kingdom grows those who stay and have to fill the gap, as well as those who do not have large numbers to rely on for ministry anymore and are thus drawn into deeper service and dependence on God. For all involved, a church plant could serve to be a source of real growth as Christians.