It’s hard to describe the Men’s Weekend Away without getting a bit carried away. Everything was great.

Around 30 of us went away to El Olam – a bungalow-camp near Eston – where we were taken good care of (read: fed well). It was a great place, with a relaxed atmosphere. This just lent itself to the men having a good weekend on 2 fronts:

  • Socially: We just got a chance to hang out together, strengthen friendships and get to know some other men in the church a bit better. Guys responded well to the teaching, and were discussing what they were learning, which is always encouraging too. We had time to chill out on the Saturday afternoon – which in a lovely place like that was great.
  • Teaching: Johan Verster from Lig.Punt in Pretoria took us to the Bible to look at “Strategies in our struggle against sin”. This was powerful stuff. Solid, practical, thoughtful, challenging, encouraging – all the descriptive you want from a sermon/talk – we had. We were convinced of the seriousness of remaining sin in a Christian’s life; but also the power and beauty of Christ in helping us fight against it by seeing Him as being worth more than the sin we’re caught up in.

A couple of the guys who were there had this to say about the weekend:

“The weekend proved to be a success on so many different levels. The teaching that we received from Johan Verster was tremendous. The theme was centred around the prevalence of sin in our lives and the importance of turning to Jesus and saturating ourselves in the gospel. Between the various lecture sessions there was ample time to socialise amongst ourselves, over some tasty meals and countless cups of tea and coffee. This afforded me the opportunity catch up with friends and get to know a lot of new people. Despite being a part of Christ Church for many years there are many people within the church that I do not know. This weekend was a tremendous opportunity to change that and I left on the Sunday having strengthened existing friendships and creating many new ones. “

“It felt like a really good turn-out and that the men of Christ Church responded well to the idea. We felt welcome from the time we arrived. I thought the teaching programme was well balanced with the free time and there was plenty of opportunity to relax and reflect on the teachings and also get to know our  brothers. Well done to Johan for presenting a critical and challenging topic in a way that had us thinking the “study” sessions were over too quickly!

Looking forward to the next one.”


Everyone there agreed that a Men’s Weekend is a valuable thing for us as Christ Church guys to do – so if you missed out; it shall return!