Grab a hold of these books

I’ve always liked the Good Book Company; they’ve been a part of my Christian journey since the beginning. The book table at my 1st church was stocked by them, and I even did a bit of manual labour for them in 2009!

But recently they’ve outdone themselves on two fronts, stepping up to serve the church with some wonderful contributions to anyone’s library.

Questions Christians Ask

The 1st is a masterful (yes – big claim, but it’s true) little series of books called: “Questions Christians Ask”.

Already containing a number of volumes these are truly a valuable resource to the church. Short enough so as not to frighten off those who don’t read much, they are thought-provoking, easy-to-read and wonderfully biblical.

I have found each one I’ve read to be winsome, insightful, and convincing. Even though they could be considered “entry-level” due to their size, they are still spot-on, and contain amazing depth conveyed in a small space. These are the kind of books you want to buy to read and to give as gifts to non-Christians, to new Christians, and to those who just want some helpful answers to big questions. You can buy them from GBC here:

or from CBD here: (again – with links to other volumes)

God’s Word for you

The 2nd is  the series “God’s Word for you”.

Mention the word “commentary” and the preacher’s eyes might light up, but the average Christian’s will glaze over. Commentaries always appear too technical, too difficult, and too out of reach. Not so this series. This is great for anyone. Each commentary is a good blend of careful exposition, deep thinking and helpful application. This means that they are a great mix technical and devotional that provide ample assistance for a preacher, but also wonderfully sound insight to anyone reading them. Chapters are divided into two sections, and I have tended to read a section a day as part of my devotions – which has been truly helpful. I would happily recommend this series to anyone looking for help in preaching (as each of the books I’ve read contain helpful illustration and application), but also for anyone in my church who wants a bit of depth to their Bible reading, and a deeper understanding of God’s word. I look forward to each new edition, and am especially looking forward to reading some more Old Testament volumes.

Find out more here:

For those in PMB/ZA you can buy them here: (with links to the other volumes)



I’m grateful to the GBC for these resources, and can happily recommend them as a great benefit to God’s church.