Last week we considered the reasons why we as Christ Church are sending people to form a new church. One of the immediate questions we need to consider then is: why the northern suburbs (N.S.)? Well – it’s not because our people living there don’t want to travel to church, and it’s not because there is some sort of suburb snobbery going on. Why then?

  1. The need. In the 2011 census this area of PMB was shown to have around 17,500 people. The wards that make up the N.S. have shown  ±25% growth since 2001, which looks to be continuing. Generously speaking, there are probably around 1,500-2,000 people who would be church-going Christians. There are probably 1,500 people in a church that is teaching the gospel. There are thus over 15,000 people who need to hear about Jesus, and are living in this area.
  2. The people. There is a sizable group of Christ Church PMB members in the N.S. who can form the core of a church plant, and be involved in reaching out to the communities in which they live and work.
  3. The opportunity. Over the last year or so, God has opened a number of doors for members of CCPmb to share the gospel with folks in the N.S. Whether through personal contact, 1-2-1 evangelism or church outreaches, there seems to be an opportunity for us to engage with friends, colleagues and neighbours – and we should make the most of that.
  4. The partnerships. Since making the announcement to the church family, the leadership of CCPmb have discussed the plant with some of the churches which already exist that side of town. They are excited about the idea – and have all indicated to some degree that they would want to work together. This is exciting for us, and exciting for the gospel in PMB! Praise God.

At the heart of the desire to plant a church are the words: “Go therefore, and make disciples…” This is our mission – and we want to use the opportunities God has provided us to do that. So, please continue to pray for not only those of us who will be part of the group sent, but also for those of us who will be sending them, that both groups look to put our mission at the forefront – that of sharing the gospel of Jesus with as many people as we can.