Reviewed by Gillian Metcalf

Recently I was asked to present a talk to the HTC women (both single and married) about the part singles can play in the church community.  I based a large part of this talk on material I found in the book “The Single Issue” by Al Hsu

It covers a number of items that relate to single Christians such as where does God’s will come into all this, is there such a thing as “the gift of singleness”, loneliness, romance and temptations specific to singles.  Singles get many mixed messages from their surrounding community and frequently from their church.  This book strives to give a clear message of a Biblical view of the single life and particularly where it fits in the Christian community.  It is a very positive and encouraging book. 

Each chapter ends with a number of discussion questions which would make it a great book to read along with others and really delve into the issues covered.

One of the people the author interviewed in preparation was John Stott.  At the time of the interview he had been single for all the 76 years of his life.  The complete interview can be found at the end of the book.

I found this book pretty easy to read and understand as well as being very encouraging that for Christians there is an alternative to being married.

“Let us put our lives on hold no longer.  Let us start today.”



(If you want to order this book – contact Mundy Carroll at the church office)