Author: Mundy Carroll

Grab a hold of these books

I’ve always liked the Good Book Company; they’ve been a part of my Christian journey since the beginning. The book table at my 1st church was stocked by them, and I even did a bit of manual labour for them in 2009! But recently...

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Help me to pray!

When Jesus spoke these words: “This then is how you should pray: Our Father…” he in some sense revolutionised the relationship people could have to the LORD (the Creator, YHWH, the God of the Bible). No longer...

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Big God? Big Questions

Exciting news! Christ Church PMB is hosting a sermon series tackling a few of the big questions people have of God. How do we know he’s there? Do we need him to be good people? Hasn’t evolution disproved the...

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Comrades & the Christian

Every year the Comrades marathon has a challenging tagline; last year (2016) it was “Izokuthoba – it will humble you” (it does). For the 2017 Comrades run it’s: “Zinikele – it takes all of you”. It does…it really does and...

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