God… some think he’s not there. Perhaps he’s a creation of man, an explanation for some of the things that primitive man couldn’t understand, a comfort of sorts, a point of reference – a crutch. Some think he is there, but they’re not sure what he’s like. And if he’s there, can we know him? If he’s there, why is there so much evil? What kind of God allows suffering? If he’s there, can’t he be clearer? Why are there so many religions, and don’t they all pretty much believe the same thing? Is the evil done in the name of religion just another reason to think he’s not really there?


At Christ CChrist Church Flyer Inside (revised) (2)hurch Pmb we want to deal with some of these questions, fearfully and humbly. Many have asked these questions, and have agonised over them; never outside of the context of their life’s challenges. Many wise men and women have sought to address these questions – some have done so very helpfully! To these voices we’ll add our own, trying to present answers to questions, and looking at what the Christian viewpoint is on those that you’ve asked. The series will kick off on the 13th of October with the question: “God, are actually there?”

If you’re able to attend our services – that would be great. If not, you will be able to listen to the recordings of sermons (which are normally  up by the Tuesday of the following week).

We hope to be a positive voice in the midst of all the discussions; remaining faithful to Jesus in what we say – and helpful in how we bring it across.

We look forward to seeing you there!